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SOUND CLUB blends the appeal of a high-energy nightclub and an ultra exclusive luxury and is set to redefine nightlife in CAMBODODIA. With over 7,000 square feet of extraordinary design and extravagant décor as well as a state of the art sound and lighting system, SOUND CLUB promises an exciting and over-the-top experience for the discerning dance music enthusiast. We like to call it nightlife with a passion. SOUND CLUB attracts the most refined clubbers, A-list celebs, and social jet setters. With an unrivaled décor featuring a top-tier sound system, 3D mapping System ,perfect for multiple music styles, Sound Club tops the experience with a highly sophisticated structure. Sound Club claims an over the top atmosphere, framed by exclusive cocktails to the high-end branded champagnes with stunning attendants to the VIP tables with first class bottle service is what defines the entire SOUND CLUB nightclub scene.